Monday, January 8, 2001

About Us

clan31337 was jointly formed by sickman, hazeus, me (grindking) and a few others a long time ago, after a huge branch of players broke off from IHOS, sickman and myself included. We then barely kept active with each other until Winter of ‘97 when sickman, hazeus, sseht, leprechaun and I all went down to Lawrence, KS for the impulse9 lanparty. We got tore up by IHOS and impulse9, but, managed to beat the Muppet Clan. After that lanparty, it was as if our clan just dissappeared. Nearly all of us stayed inactive as clans members, and mostly would just play every once in awhile due to real life and other problems/incidents. The main people who had helped start the clan had just basically left. I started creating the clanpage again, hoping to get what was left of the clan back together. Almost everyone had gone to different clans, so the only people left were Hazeus and me. We start updating the page, getting back into different types of games, and finding more people for the clan. Now we have quite a nice amount of people in our channel (#clan31337/efnet) and some of us play quite a bit.

We have definitely become something more than just a clan, we may not be able to play all the time, but, our clan is not limiting itself to just 1st person type games, our clan will stretch from quake type games, to motocross type games, to any type of game out there as long as we like it.

02/28/2005 update:
we don’t do anything anymore. we irc.

Think you want to you join? You can either catch us on #clan31337 or you can email one of us. You don’t have to be good at any of the games to join the clan, we just have to decide if we like you.

irc: efnet, #clan31337

irssi, bitchx, mirc, xircon

mibbit irc webchat client

About Me:

I have a passion for video games and like fixating on computer related tasks that seem fun and challenging at the time to me. I also enjoy physical challenges as well and have grown to love technology over the years. I have been a plumber the past 8 years and enjoy it very much. It gives me a fresh start each day and I usually am left satisfied at the end of the day. I’ve tried to keep the history surrounding this group of friends very much alive on the internet for a very long time. We’ve lost a few and gained a few (if not a lot) and most of my close friends all have been a part of this group or are still.