Thursday, January 11, 2001


superficial people. – 12.10.1998 – by OneNut

Why are people so superfical? Why is it that you think you have a friend and then they just shit on you or someone you know? Superfical piss me off they think that they are better then anyone else and are stuck on themself. Some days they just ACT all nice to you and then the other days they are the BIGGEST dickheads, assholes, bitchs you will ever know. I get so fucking tried of putting up with the people that are so fucking fake that they think they can take on the whole fucking world. I just want to kick the shit out of these people. They treat everyone like shit and it is beginning to piss me off.

the fume of doom. – 11.26.1998 – by grindking

twas the night before thanksgiving, and all through the dungeon

every marine was looking, for someone to bludgeon.

the cacodemons and imps, that scattered the halls,

were soon to be bfg’d, into little mulch balls.

as fast as the player could turn, a perfect 180,

he soon found he was too slow, for he was now gravy.

he respawned again, and tried so so hard,

and blew that fucking cyberdemon to lard.

he thought he was done, but he heard such a clatter,

who else could it be but Romero, no one fatter.

he fought hard and true, and kept up the fight,

for if he did not, he could soon see the light.

he shot the rest of his rockets into the giant satancow,

and then without warning of any kind the whole place went, kapow.

and the marine went home to his happy home in LA,

only to be robbed by an raving crackhead the next day.

a marine with no money, and now again very poor,

will one day fight those alien scum once more.

teachers – 11.17.1998 – by LordChaos

Today I was forced to change my opinions of the SEA, School and Education Administration, for a few reasons. First and foremost was the fact that the standards they set for a person to become a teacher are INCREDIBLY low. For example: To become a teacher you have to score 60% or above on a test that a THIRD grader could pass with a 80%. I mean it’s a joke. One of my teachers, we were talking about this in class, said that the easiest classes she ever had to take were the teaching classes in college…. I mean what is the point of the SEA pushing for 100,000 new teachers when they can’t even claim that the teachers they have now are effective! Example: I have a class called Computer Repair Technology. This is my second year in the course and have had a real teacher for only 1 semester out of 4…. Think about that. How often is it that you have a teacher for a class than you know more than he/she? Well its beginning to happen more and more. I wish the SEA would get off the tripp about needing new teachers and just go back to actually teaching the teachers!

A few thoughts from LordChaos – 11.12.1998 – by LordChaos

As I sit here typing this I have begun to wonder about technology in the world today. The games we play are getting more advanced so you need to buy a better system or you can’t play. What happened to the good old days where you could just pull out your old 486/DX66 and play some good ‘ol doom with a bunch of freinds. You could play games like that on any machine with any type of lan with any friend and it would be awesome. Now ‘adays you have to have the latest in technology just to play! And if you don’t have a T1 or higher to the internet then NET play is almost impossible for any of the new games. Take SiN for example. I just finished the single player about 5 minutes ago. Now I have a PII/400 with 128megs of ram and A VooDoo2 12meg card and an AGP 2d card but STILL, it took well over 2 minutes to load each level! On a computer that is still one of the fastest on the market that is PATHETIC!! Why should game developers make games that only the l33test of the l33t can play using the crem de la crem of machines? I think we should revert to the old school days, which I am sorry I wasn’t as big a part of as I would have liked to be, and have some game companies come out with some more 1st person shooters that EVERYONE can play! I mean please! I understand the need for the latest and greatest but why should you need the “perfect machine” just to play a fucking game?! Bottom line, you shouldn’t. Technology is a great thing. But sometimes it hurts more than it helps…..

Our Degrading Generation – 10.29.1998 – by Lidian.31337

As I take a peek around, I’m looking for teens of my generation who are actually trying to progress. Instead, what I see is a huge portion of our generation going to waste. Examples of these teens are the vampires, gangsters, and overly-abusive drug users. The vampire teens are the worst, mainly because everything the yput their effort into is fake. They waste all their time wearing capes, fake fangs, and drinking juice – because their afraid of real blood. (how sad). Next in line are all these gangster bastards. I mean, sure, having your own click is cool, but wearing a certain color, talking like an ape, and having water gun fights because you can’t afford a real gun… does NOT make you cool. Lastly I would like to touch in on the overly-abusive drug users. I would have to say that while mind-altering substances are enjoyable, we don’t need to have our generation out on the streets smoking crack, shooting heroin, snorting coke, and etc. – to the point that their minds are worthless. These people will only lay around sucking up our money through welfare without ever putting anything worthwile back into out community. The groups I’ve exampled above are only a few of the minorities of teens in our generation that are degrading. Some others are the overly-religious, mindless skinheads, feminists, and etc. What I would like to see instead is more people who want to learn, get a decent job, have some fun, and keep the world going. So those of us who are leet-hearted can feel like the world we live in is worth living in. We don’t need idiotic people running around confused about life, what we need is not to “just live,” but live with purpose.

the rules – 10.29.1998 – by Lidian.31337

A 31337 member always makes The Rules.

The Rules are subject to change at any time without prior notification.

No one else can possibly know all The Rules.

If a 31337 member suspects someone knows The Rules, he must immediately change some or all of The Rules.

A 31337 member is never wrong.

If a 31337 member is wrong, it is due to a misunderstanding that was a direct result of something that someone else did or said wrong.

Other people must apologize immediately for causing the misunderstanding.

A 31337 member may change his mind at any time.

Other people must never change their mind without expressed written consent of the 31337 member.

A 31337 member has every right to be angry or upset at any time.

Other people must remain calm at all times, unless the 31337 member wants them to be angry and/or upset.

A 31337 member must, under no circumstances, let people know whether or not he wants them to be angry and/or upset.

Other people are expected to mind read at all times.

Any attempt to document The Rules could result in bodily harm.

People who don’t abide by The Rules, cannot take the heat, lacks backbone, and is a wimp.

1st clan ufo sighting! – 08.30.1998 – by demo

August 30 1:15AM – Kingman, Kansas

A friend and I were out at my family lake just chillin in some lawn chairs looking at the stars. We noticed a red light off in the distance the moved strangely. It was flying towards kingman and then paused right over these spotlights, the the red light increased its brightness 10 times. At that point me and my friend knew it wasn’t anything we’ve seen before. After a few seconds of staying still it started circling the light and then turned towards us! We were so scared because we were a couple of miles from anyone so we jumped in my truck and watched it fly over us. It had a red light on one side of it with a blue light on the opposite side and what looked like a white light on the tail. Looked like an airplane flying over but no way, it flew still over the spotlight. I didn’t see the craft itself only the lights. [demo]


  1. You need to take a closer look at cuttafish as he is a aimbotter. As obvious as can be. I know the clan I led had strict rules vs hackers. Takes away from the game. Several people reported him after the match we were in. Please spec him and choose for yourself whether he is or not. I understand that you would not take any strangers word about this but it certainly merits attantion. I know the mods with EA or Dice are watching now. Thanks.

    1. Good job you got me banned. I am done with this stupid fucking game anyways. All the top 5 people in every server are hackers.