Saturday, April 18, 2009


I've been extra bored today, especially with it being somewhat gloomy outside. I decided to try out a huge range of games today to try to spice it up. Started off with Grim Fandango, as I've never played it, it's definitely different but I really wish it was point and click like other lucasarts games. Played some Peggle as well, the game never gets old (or atleast so far) and it can become quite challenging at times. Rewards you greatly with the different sounds effects in the game though haha. Also been playing Broken Sword and at the moment am trying to get Deus Ex to work in Vista. Too many games, and what's more hilarious is they're mostly all really old. Hopefully will be headed out here shortly and do something fun this evening. If anyone has any plans or anything that sounds like fun as always msg me on here/fb/irc/etc/*!@)*)*$ :D


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