Saturday, November 28, 2009


when can i find a woman who actually appreciates me as i am? they all seem to try to mold you into this fake sculpture of a person who i am most definitely not. if you can't accept me the way i am, tough. that's not to say people can't work together on things but just need to accept people for who and how they are i think. actions always speak louder than words. venting through text seems to always help a lot and it's fun too :D. i spread hate then i vacate ha ha ha

something for my own memory;
"*** *** Yea, I'm a 27 year old successful entrepreneur, figured I was ready. He's so good to me rob, I found my partner mane :D" <-- fb status update. we'll see how long that lasts ha ha

world has become lost to me; got women with bull dyke looking males, gang members impressing white chicks, lesbians galore. what happened to *MY* life?

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