Tuesday, January 12, 2010


constantly have been having these same themed reoccuring dreams and waking up abruptly. its like im down in westport with apparently a large group of friends just like nye this year, but things are different. a couple people are in the dream that shouldnt be, and i always end up not finding my car when the dream is about to end, everyone leaving without me, my supposed gf in the dream getting a ride in another car and never seeing her again, and also feeling randomly like there is something i must say to her but i never get the chance. i wake up wanting to go back to the dream and that fake fantasy world because it feels like a life that i would have lived at least during some parts of the dream had things gone different in my life over the years. abandonment, close connections, love, good friends, reocurring, people out of place, her, risk, confusion, pain.

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