Monday, January 11, 2010

no more slow

hopefully moving the hosting off of my home connection will make this at least quicker for me, and the 2 others that might possibly read this page. i had to buy glasses today and upgrade my stupid contacts prescription. i wish they would get here sooner because apparently i have blood vessels built up on my cornea from my eyes not getting enough oxygen so i'm now going to make it a point to take my contacts out when i'm home for the night and start wearing my glasses whenever they arrive. the lady at the sears optical place was a complete airhead, the optometrist was fine but the retail sales lady was a basket case. telling stories and crap about how bad her eyes were, how she can't read anything etc and all i wanted to do the whole time was get my trash and get out of there. hate to be like that because i was interested in first at what she had to but the stories just became worse and worse. also ever known anyone who got the bottom line type of glasses that are available in their little special gimmicky sales deals? me neither. i had to get some expensive pair (well i've never bought glasses so i don't really know) but i think with a year's supply of contacts, and my glasses it came out about $325, that's with 2 year protection plan as well. i do hope i made the right choice, i need to remedy this issue with my eyes because it's not like it's going to go away unless i do.

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