Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Apple vs. HTC: Would someone please put an end to this shit ass company?

I am seriously furious about this shit in regards to Apple suing HTC. These people at this company have been sue happy since the early 80s and have never had a problem copying, borrowing or TAKING ideas from other companies and using it in their products. They attack others with stupid patent lawsuits and in reality all they're doing is damaging consumer choice. That's one of the things Apple is trying for; they don't want consumer choice. They don't even want their own users to have a choice in what they use, and they have somehow convinced their loyal followers to actually believe this way more and more. A perfect example is the Adobe Flash issue on the iPad. Every excuse in the book can be used but at the end of the day the consumer should have a choice if they want to use Flash or not. This is just one example. The people continuing to support Apple's company and their products are only damaging good competition and innovation that truly ends up benefiting the customer themselves. I can only hope tons of these stupid claims are thrown out and that nothing much comes of it. The Nokia vs. Apple lawsuit is still pending and no words have been heard about it for quite some time so I truly hope this doesn't turn out to be the same way. That's about all I can say about this situation for now, Steve Jobs, Apple as a company and pretty much all of their employees make me sick to my stomach at this point. It's a real shame that computer related technology has ended up the way it has turned out. This may sound like a one sided post but I really have disliked Apple for a long time for various justified reasons. I'll link this engadget article just so anyone interested can see the absolutely horrifying and stupid patents they have been awarded by the STUPID USPTO.


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