Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Car Dock

I received my Car Dock for the Nexus One finally today. The Fedex truck had the package since 8am this morning and it didn't arrive here until 7:04PM. I don't know if the guy was working late or was new or what but man that is crazy. I thought they had to have the stuff back to their local facility by then for local pickup. Oh well, I have placed the mount part on my dash and am going to let it dry for one day like the manual calls for, I didn't realize my grand am had such a trash contoured dashboard. I was forced to put the mounting sticky pad in the ONLY spot I could basically and i think only about 55% of the sticky part is touching an actual surface. Time will tell if it will hold :D. I didn't want to mount it to the window and have wires and other trash all hanging down like some science experiment so I really hope it does work out. I am eager to test out some of the features included in the dock, it is much more full featured than the others I've had with previous products. Also, 94.5 rocks for FM tuners. It's this crappy country station that barely comes in but for some reason if I use this station with my FM tuner it sounds clearer than any other channel I've tried with the one I have so far. I figured I was going to get a head unit but I'd rather get a new car than put a head unit in my Pontiac. :D

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