Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Rockfest this weekend, don't have much to do until then. There aren't any movies I've seen out that I am interested in watching, feels like I've caught up in my backlog. Since my 360 finally rroded, I'm dying to play Alan Wake, but it's exclusive only to the 360. Just my luck to have mine fail RIGHT as I was about to play it :D. I am debating on whether to leave facebook completely or just stop logging in and will probably do something here in the near future about it. I don't like that site anymore and it's starting to have some of the same problems as myspace where people are adding me that I know I'll never talk to or see but we were friends in highschool. I guess it is kind of interesting to see what everyone is doing with their lives etc, so I shouldn't shun it completely, it's just some of these people I don't even know who they are because they are married and have a different name :D. Kick Ass to me was a great movie and I hope there are going to be more funny movies this year that I enjoyed as much as that one. It has been raining here off and on for the past few days and is getting kind of ridiculous. That's all for now

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