Wednesday, June 16, 2010

rain and more rain

I think I'm headed for a week or two depression. It always hits me at random times and I can only bet I know the reason it's hitting me this time. I partied a bit too hard this weekend hehe. We've had sooo much rain here over the past few weeks I had to throw every single rug I had down here in the dungeon away basically, and now it's pouring again. If I get water down here again I want to just move away, but I know that's not possible. Installed a sump pit/pump today JUST in time since it's a stupid storm again, and had to wait for over an hour for an electrician 'friend' to show up just to hook up ONE outlet. Absolutely pathetic if you ask me. I did end up meeting some cool customers late this evening, the husband is Scottish and does the book keeping for a local Home Depot where we park our big truck. I miss that accent so much, it reminds me of my soccer days, I had a couple instructors and a coach from Wales and even a couple Scottish ones over the years. I've been so busy lately with work that I really rarely find time to do anything in the evenings except relax. I have to do a Water Heater tomorrow and then after that probably clean a main sewer line. I do feel great while I'm working but after I get home I sort of feel lost sometimes in my life. That's all for now I guess

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