Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Slow Week

Waited on the water department nearly all day yesterday, still with no success. This is the second week we've attempted to correct a customer's problem and stupid ass Kansas City Water Department is just an absolute dump and no one does their job there apparently. I'm about to check out the latest Red Faction for the PC this afternoon or this evening, been playing Monkey Island 2 Special Edition (MI2 is my favorite of the series) and also need to finish Red Dead Redemption. Headed out to dinner this evening, hoping to go somewhere nice, maybe try to impress a lil ha. BTW, pretty hilarious how some people are on Facebook, totally ignoring me when I simply asked a question is very childish, most of us are nearly 30 at this point and to act that way is ridiculous. Maybe it's passive aggressive behavior ha ha, I may have pissed them off prior.

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