Friday, February 11, 2011


The problem with Android isn't the OS itself, it's the users. These users have been coaxed/brainwashed into their specialized UI that they really have no idea what Android is all about. They think their experience of the OS is exactly like every other user. They don't grasp the fact that the manufacturer modifies the open source OS to their liking in the ways that *THEY* feel is better for the user. This ends up with groups of users thinking they know the problems for Android when really they're focusing on problems with the custom UI that's been overlayed on top of the *stock* Android experience. I've seen users so far as think overlays like HTC Sense are *stock* Android interfaces but these users haven't understood how Android works. I'm not sure why PC manufacturers never put their own crappy overlays on top of Windows but this is essentially the same thing. Everytime since 2009 that I have heard of someone having a bad experience with Android it is always related to a custom overlay that somehow breaks functionality in a specific area. I'm very tired of this, and the only thing that *I* can encourage is to either run a custom rom that is really close to AOSP Android, or stick to Google Experience devices like the T-Mobile G1, Nexus one or Nexus S. The T-Mobile G2 is also very clean but aside from T-Mobile, no Android users have a real choice in stock UI since everyone is too busy implementing their own shitty UI. People shouldn't have to expect to do all sorts of work to get a stock Android experience. I hope carriers in the future allow or at least offer a choice to a truly stock Android experience because it makes everything so much easier and people will realize that is why it was created and made the way that it is today.

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