Wednesday, February 16, 2011


why do they have shows that are talking about 'secrets' that no one knows. if it's on public broadcasting it isn't exactly a secret. every company thinks they have some inside scoop on something that's been talked about countless times on the internet or somewhere else before THEY got the information. i also have to include current reality tv shows in this discussion because they are absolute trash. they show you a week beforehand what is going to happen, then when you wait an entire week they show you EXACTLY what is going to happen in that episode before you even watch it. what is wrong with these people, have they lost every part of their mind and only focus on the marketing aspects of the show? on discovery, they claim 10 million viewers have 'tuned in' to the show yet they've NEVER FOUND more gold than a necklace someone would steal in the ghetto. these people have 'tuned in' for the 5 seconds of each new episode so they can see what happens for the 30 minutes after the fact. there's no point in watching most of this now, they should just compile the first previews of each show on a channel and people could just watch that. pathetic

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