Monday, May 23, 2011

monday started off well...

I cut my finger horribly today on the job, I can't stand making mistakes like that. I will definitely remember next time to respect freshly cut copper pipe :D. I've been playing Minecraft and L.A. Noire lately and both games are fantastic. I encourage everyone to join our clan server ( if you are a Minecraft player or have the game. I hope i can make L.A. Noire last more than a week but I'm betting I'll finish it by this weekend. Duke Forever is in a month so that will be great, but no coop seems really unfortunate since the original had it and it was tons of fun. Getting ready to check out AOTS in about 25 min, and then going to watch Tornado Rampage 2011. Hope they find more people in Joplin, it's unbelievable an EF4 could do that much damage, but close to 200mph wind can ruin anything. I hope the best for all the people suffering.

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