Friday, June 17, 2011

Android game devs

I don't know why developers for Android apps have such a bad habit of announcing games and saying they'll be out on a certain time, and then inevitably it's delayed for an indefinite amount of time with absolutely no word on when or if the game is ever coming out. I first noticed this back during 2010 when Pop Cap Games announced Peggle was coming to Android. The game is still not out, Plants vs Zombies just came out this month and it just seems to get old. Also, Jelly Car and Tap Tap Revenge which are now owned by Disney were announced to be coming out within the month on February of this year. They still are not out as well. Some of the games specifically catered to tablets and other Nvidia Tegra2 devices have consistently pushed their displayed release date back each month that they do not make release, and have been doing so for the past 2-3 months. I understand that things come up and cause delays but it would be very nice for these devs to keep in touch with their fans and users by using twitter or facebook or something. Maybe I am looking in the wrong spot and there is info out there, but I feel like I'm always waiting for something next on Android. I want these games and content NOW :D. I can only hope!

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