Monday, July 11, 2011

Apple with their same old bullshit.

I see today now Apple is suing HTC again at this point in hopes of stopping their sales and imports entirely. I just have to say at this point, if you're still buying products from Apple and supporting this company in any way, then you are doing your part to continue support of incorrect and outdated patent laws, bullying businesses into giving out money for absolutely no reason at all, unfair business practices and more. Companies like Apple and Microsoft are always doing this in the courts. The iPhone was not a unique design, Palm had been designing slab like PDA's for years prior to the iPhone or iPod. Same with HTC, they were designing tablet products years prior to anything Apple had at all. I don't see how people can even defend a company like Apple when they continue to just follow along and haven't innovated with much since the iPad or iPod/iPhone. Trying to scare companies into not making products, specifically Android products is a very, very shameful thing to do and I'm sure some at Apple do not agree with it but simply have no power or say to change anything about it. Competition is always good for the CONSUMERS as better things come out all the time, and the main key about all this would be *CHOICE*. We don't want ONE phone for all, we want specific products catered to specific needs of the user. This has to be put to an end at some point or our laws have to be corrected in order to keep companies like Apple in line. I am ashamed an American company this size can keep acting this way over all the years they've been in business and still have supporters of their products. There is no logical way to defend any of their actions, they are not protecting innovative designs or anything specific they came up with; you cannot or rather should not be able to patent ideas like 'swipe finger left to right to unlock the lockscreen' and other nonsense. It almost vaguely reminds me of when Amazon tried or did patent the one click checkout, I'm not sure how the results came out on this one.

It would sure be nice to live in a world that wasn't totally ruled by money, I sometimes feel I would have been better off if I lived during the 1800s or something out in the Wild West, but then I'd probably have been killed in some Saloon shootout or something.

Apple, Microsoft and any other companies using their pool of generic patent portfolios should die in a fire and that is all.

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