Monday, September 26, 2011

Superbrothers' Sword & Sworcery: Another One Bites the Dust.

I'm not sure why devs take pride or have an attitude regarding porting their apps/games to other mobile platforms. The only valid reason that I will accept is that the time/effort needed may or may not be worth the payoff if they were to port something. The game I'm talking about specifically is IOS's Sword & Sworcery. This game had me intrigued from the very beginning, although I know now I will never have a chance to play it since the developers aren't even interested in other platforms from what I can tell. I specifically remember reading their actual webpage with some snide remarks at the bottom regarding that it'd only be on ios. I also happened to catch this article in which one of the devs simply replies 'Nope!' It's as if they're proud that so few people are going to experience the game and that they enjoy people being upset that they can't enjoy the same product as ONLY the IOS users. What do they expect us to do, run out and buy an ipod just to have some of this content? Android seems to slowly but surely gaining decent content but it's still just not there. I blame every dev out there who hasn't ported or isn't in the process of at least ATTEMPTING to port their ios content to other platforms, mainly Android. Console gamers suffer every year from exclusives on one platform or the other and I find it particularly annoying. Most of those times the companies involved are being paid something for the exclusive, but here in the mobile world it doesn't work that way. These developers are CHOOSING one platform over the other because they must be fanboys deep down. Another developer that I won't put so harshly is the creator of Tiny Wings. Now this is only one person making this game, and yes Superbrothers are only a couple if not a handful of people. If you're a developer and don't like a platform in one way or another just say it, don't sit there like some arrogant child holding the cookie jar from the other kids like you're important to the rest of the world. You aren't, your content will be forgotten, and the less people you let experience your creations, the more of a low life you are if you are doing it only for fanboyish reasons. diaf

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