Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Battlefield 3

Looks like most of the clan has the game now that still plays online. We will all have to get a game together sometime soon, it should be really fun. The voice chat is a little bit hard to figure out if you're used to games in the past, I still can't find the settings for the voice. I think after you join a party that there will be voice settings that you can adjust there. I am using my Xbox 360 Headset for voice chat since I don't really have a good one to use otherwise. I played a little bit last night with Hazeus and had a fun time although my binds were messed up. I have those fixed now so I can finally zoom in, I just want to get voice setup now so we can actually communicate and help out more. The game doesn't offer regular public in game voice chat as far as I know. You have to party up prior or join someone's party in game to be able to voice chat with them. Anyway, hope to see you out on the battlefield!

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