Sunday, January 15, 2012

Couple old videos.

I figured that I needed to get these two videos up on youtube so I don't misplace or lose them at some point in time. I also have a few more videos but they will be rather difficult to capture. One is from Heretic 2 that the clan played for one weekend at a lan party and I would really like to get that up on yt as well. The first video is from about 1994 or 1995 and it is when I first switched to mouse/keyboard from Gravis gamepad for control. If you know what you're watching you can see my mistakes and also me not knowing my sensitivity but it is still rather fun to watch. The filename is and you can search google gkvun.txt and find the information about this match. The person I was playing didn't want me to reveal his name since he was starting out like me and the match was pretty one sided. :D

The second video is a Quakeworld match at another local lan party with a few of us playing that tekk captured one time. This would probably be about 1998 in terms of time frame and these matches are what it was all about back in the day. I miss games like this and the fun that came along with everyone in game together. Even though we don't require lanning to play games like this nowadays, we sure could use some games *LIKE* Quake1 and Doom instead of the countlesss military fps titles, team based deathmatch and 'upgrades'. Everything gets in the way of deathmatch these days and it really needs to get back to the roots of the genre.

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